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water-hole and sneak off a Crow scalp, but White
Dog and the chief would not allow them to. They
said that we had come not to shed blood, but to
take back our horses and those of the Crows., to
teach them a lesson.

After midnight Chief Going Soul whispered
the order to crawl into the Crow camp. The
braves left the women and us children where we
were,, with Instructions to seek safety In the oppo-
site direction If we heard the cbay of a grey wolf
twice5. That was our signal—we had men In the
tribe, scouts, who could give the call of these
animals so perfectly that the most experienced ear
could not detect the difference.

Our mothers allowed some of us boys to creep
along behind our fathers to the edge of the camp,
so that we could watch what they did. When
our fathers saw us they told us to lie on the right
side of the camp entrance, and when the horses
came down that way to rise on our feet and wave
our arms, and fish-sh* them the other way; and
they told us to be sure to run back to our mothers
before they got back.

As we lay there we watched our fathers crawl
away from us on their bellies,* pushing their
muzzle-loaders in front of them and rustling
the undergrowth once in a while to let the horses
know that they were coming, so that they would
not be frightened. Now and then one of them